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Professional Voice Training with Adrian

Adrian has ten years of teaching experience, and is on the faculty at Sheridan College, Randolph Academy, and St. Clair College, and has been a guest teacher at St. Lawrence College and the University of Windsor.   

Adrian is also one of only three teachers in North America certified to teach by internationally renowned master voice teacher Katie Agresta, the resident vocal coach for JERSEY BOYS, and personal vocal coach to superstars like Jon Bon Jovi and Cyndi Lauper. 

This unique method can give you the tools to train your voice to have more power, depth, and stamina than ever before.   

Adrian offers private voice lessons at his studio in Toronto and internationally via videochat.  

To begin your training with Adrian get in touch

Working with Adrian and delving deeper into the text, character, and story of a song has proved a giant help for me - especially in prepping for auditions and callbacks.   His knowledge and guidance through the musical theatre repertoire can't be beat!

                         - Alexis Gordon (star of Stratford Festival's Little Night Music and Guys & Dolls)

Adrian knows the voice inside and out.  He's taken my voice to heights I never thought I'd reach, and he teaches with steady patience and understanding.   He's one of a kind, and I'm so grateful to have him as a friend and capital "T" Teacher.

                                                                                Joseph Zita (Assassins, The Fantasticks)

Adrian was one of the few teachers who was able to get me out of my own way, and feel what I needed to feel to properly communicate my song.  On top of his ability to help me connect with the text, his knowledge of how the voice works within the body, anatomically, and physiologically, has expedited the application of challenging and specific vocal techniques that have greatly widened my abilities and skills. He's also the loveliest human being, so that's a plus.


            Evangelia Kambites (Avenue Q, Adventures of a Black Girl In Search of God)

Adrian has taught me how to properly warm my voice up and cool it down. My overall vocal health has improved drastically, allowing me to easily audition and perform in any state. Adrian is invaluable to help any actor prepare for an audition or eight shows a week. I would highly recommend Adrian to anyone who is serious about their vocal training.


                                                             - Moulan Bourke (The Little Mermaid, Into The Woods)

I have been singing as long as I can remember.   About two years ago, all of a sudden I was getting vocally fatigued very quickly, top belt notes just weren't coming out anymore.

After an hour with Adrian I was back to my old self!   He pinpointed the areas that were causing me strain and we worked those specific areas in order to loosen the tensions that were causing me to struggle. I had no idea that this kind of technique even existed! 

What was meant to be one lesson has turned into more than two years of training and a life-long friendship. 

                              - Kate Etienne (Faust, Les Belles Soeurs)

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